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One of the most important decisions a couple can make when planning a wedding is deciding where they will share their wedding vows. Crystal View Weddings & Events offers a variety of options to meet your needs to ensure that your wedding is perfect in every way. We have the most beautiful views featuring the Arkansas River Valley. Crystal View Weddings & Events would like to extend an invitation to come visit our four distinct venues (Same Location). Rivermont which has an expansive view of the Arkansas River Valley, Isaac's Barn which is our vintage, rustic, authentic barn w/antiques hanging about, Grace Landing surrounded by huge pine trees that line a long narrow lake. Crystal View Hall is our indoor venue that is heated and cooled!!!

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(Formerly "River Chase Weddings & Events")

For a number of years photographers have brought their clients to the River Chase property to shoot unique photos with the majestic scenery of the Arkansas River Valley as their inspiration. When the owner's oldest daughter hosted her wedding on the first Saturday of November, the leaves had just turned days earlier and the wedding was spectacular. Her wedding photos confirmed just how stunning the area truly was. From then on, it was obvious this would be the perfect venue location for weddings and events. After their youngest daughter held her wedding reception there, they knew they needed to share the beauty of River Chase with others. Ever since, the owner's desire has been to share with everyone what God had blessed them with---a beautiful part of His creation.

This Venue sits high up overlooking the Arkansas River Valley (Fort Smith, AR, Van Buren, AR, Alma, AR, Mulberry, AR).  On clear days you can see for miles; as far as Poteau, Ok (Cavanaugh Hill), Mt. Magazine and Sugarloaf Mt.

Beautiful Rivermont

Rivermont definitely has what many describe as " the best Arkansas River Valley view in this region" . 4 strands of lights hang lazily just above the ceremony site, that faces the Ft. Smith metropolitan area, at night the city lights are spectacular. This outdoor venue can accommodate 300 plus. One thing we've learned about Rivermont is that brides hoping for a view venue close to the I-40/ I-49 intersection will always choose Rivermont!

Arkansas Outdoor Rusic Barn venue with am Amazing View overlooking the Fort Smith River Valley.

Isaac's Barn

Isaac's barn, is an authentic mid 1900's barn, built by the owner from cedar post and salvaged materials for an original rustic feel that cannot be duplicated by modern materials.The venue is stocked full of antiquities that match the barns decor perfectly.

Grace Landing

Grace Landing is best described by video we have provided under the Videos, it's the one with the Bluebird! We are surely thrilled by the end product in this venue and we think you'll agree, it's truly one of a kind.

Richard welcoming Arkansas & Oklahoma Husqvarna Rep's

Crystal View Hosted

Husqvarna Representatives from Arkansas and Oklahoma for our second year. Territory Manager Greg Hutchison said " We have used River Chase 2 years in a row because of the outstanding service, food and atmosphere." It was a great time for them to come together for a 2 day training to learn about new products and new incentives for their marketing.